Dillon Kim Discusses the Life Lessons Taught by Fishing

Dillon Kim

August 7, 2021

Dillon Kim Discusses the Life Lessons Taught by Fishing

Dillon Kim enjoys a wide range of hobbies that include fishing

Before and after earning his Bachelor’s degree from Santa Clara University in 2012 and pursuing his dream job as a computer engineer, Dillon Kim enjoys a wide range of hobbies that include fishing, hiking, bowling, biking, and taking care of his beloved feline pets.

Dillon Kim has always believed that a well-rounded life should be full of pleasurable pursuits, in addition to having an occupation that is fulfilling and builds wealth. As a matter of fact, many of the skills Dillon used to successfully navigate college and career can be directly related to the life lessons he had learned by fishing.

Dillon Kim on Why Everyone Should Go Fishing

Fishing is a confidence-builder

This is true of fishing, and it is true of most all extracurricular activities that a student can pursue, according to Dillon Kim. It doesn’t matter if you’re simply sitting with a pole in a fishing pond or fly-fishing on a rapidly moving river, if you fish long enough, you’ll learn to make the right decisions, at the right time, and in the right place.

Teaches Perseverance and Patience

These two traits Dillon Kim believes are unique to the sport of fishing. Waiting for that one bite or hoping for a catch-of-the-day demands patience. This is a valuable skill in life that can teach us to put off instant gratification, and instead opt for putting in the work it takes to build  long-term success. A good fisherman doesn’t give up. Fishermen persevere through changing currents – and despite a dwindling catch.

Instills Independence

Dillon Kim was taught to fish at an early age. As his skills increased, so did his confidence and independence in staying water-safe and being weather-aware. Soon enough, Dillon realized he had quickly gained enough technical fishing skills to fish off a dock by himself for hours of quiet meditation and fresh air.

Teaches us to respect nature

Dillon Kim knows that life teems abundantly underwater. Yet, many children and even some adults may not realize the importance of our natural waterways in sustaining human and animal life. While fishing, Dillon came across a lot of other wildlife that were key to maintaining harmony and balance in nature. And still today, it is because of his love of fishing that Dillon still keeps these rules to respect nature:


  • no need to fish for more than you can eat and share
  • leave nothing in the water that didn’t come from the water
  • disturb the water’s ecosystem as little as possible

Dillon Kim has always enjoyed fishing, because it is one of those activities that you can do with your family, with friends, or simply by yourself. And, if you enjoy challenging yourself the way Dillon Kim does, then fishing can be very rewarding.